Travel Cost and Child Support

In the beginning of my long distance parenting arrangement, my son’s father and I agreed to split air fare in half with his half not to exceed a certain amount. This went into our long distance parenting plan.

However, if that’s not possible, in California, travel cost associated with the children becomes a credit in the child support calculation. In our case, since we split the travel, it’s a wash but if you can’t split the cost of travel, check with your state on how that can factor into child support.

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Really good idea! I never even thought about that and we’re paying alot for travel!


Hey Carrie, Thanks for all your posts! My DH and I are in our first year of dealing with long distance childhood. She is 7 and moved to GA. We split the cost of travel also. She also doesn’t get any child support because DH doesn’t get to claim her on taxes anymore. Something I would change if I could go back again, but oh well. It is hardest to deal with peoples reactions to our situations. Their automatic assumption of laziness, or of not caring. When in fact, we are trying to finish school and get our lives on… Read more »


So I’m currently going through a custody battle with my son’s mother who decided that she wanted to parent our son after placing him in foster care for two months to be adopted, but not until I filed for sole custody of our son. Once I filed and she was served, she went and took him back from the family that wanted to adopt him. Needless to say that she now has our son and the custody issues are now between mother and I. My hope is to establish what custody and visitation I can at this time(50/50) but planning… Read more »


Oh one other thing, once I decide to to move (which is mid year) I know at that time if there is 50/50 custody and visitation established it would have to be modified. any suggestions as to what is appropriate to ask for as a court order for visitation being that I would soon be living out of state?