Consider this your long distance parenting information buffet. Long distance parenting is such a vast topic. There are three or more people involved, court cases, and situation specifics. All moving through months and years together. It’s not a read once and done kind of thing. It’s an experience you live that changes as time goes on.

Invariably, over time, something develops in your case or your relationship with your co-parent. Your child ages and is responding differently. It’s the holidays and what do you buy that will help your relationship? You’ve been feeling a little glum about it lately – how can you change that?

The posts in this section are sometimes specific to a particular situation and sometimes about general long distance parent related stuff.

What Long Distance Parenting Is and Is Not

Parenting is hard and it's full of tough decisions from birth and even past the time that the kid(s) are adults. The decision to be at a distance from a child is a valid or even necessary option sometimes and is one of the single toughest decisions to make. Long distance parents are not deadbeats or abandoning their kids. In fact, the decision to be apart from a child is just the first step of the tough road that they navigate to maintain a loving relationship with the child.

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