This site grew out of a need to find long distance parenting community and support. Long distance parenting isn’t something people frequently talk or know about and there is still quite a bit of social stigma around it. Consequentially, one of the hardest parts of long distance parenting can be coping. 

Being a long distance parent can feel very isolated and lonely. Although it can seem like you are alone in your endeavor, there are many other people dealing with some of the same things you are. That sense of community, and association with other long distance parents, can be the saving grace in a tough situation. Building your community support network is a key step in building a long distance parenting tool set.

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This makes me cry with hope. thank you for writing this reply.


I can’t thank you enough for writing this. This post was the first of its kind that I came across. I was starting to feel like I was the only mother on the planet that had a family dynamic set up over distance this way. Some of what you wrote were words I have said exactly the past few months. You give me hope, and a new realization that there are other moms out there that do understand this, and speak this language of doing things better this way. This is the most amazing thing I could have come across right now. Thank you so much.


Wow. Thank you for this. I truly felt alone, but now I know that I’m not.

Beth H

Thank you for this site. I share my story in hopes that maybe it will help others and also out of appreciation that there are people out there who understand what its like to have to make such a difficult choice.


Personal Experience

Reading through some of the personal experiences that other long distance parents have shared can make you feel instantly less alone.

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In addition to the posts themselves, many posts have active comment threads between long distance parents.

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The comment thread on this post is packed with personal stories from long distance parents.

Community On Facebook

If social media is more your jam for support and community, we’ve got you covered there too!

The Long Distance Parent Facebook Group is a very active, super supportive group open to any long distance parent. Discussions range from personal stories to questions and advice.

It’s a private group so your friends won’t see that you are a member or that you post in the group.

Distance Parent

Support via other Blogs

From time to time, long distance parents blog or create web projects around their long distance parenting journey. These are creations of long distance parents who are part of the long distance parenting community. Reading or hearing the experiences of others can be a wonderful way of getting the support you need in feeling less alone. Blogging sometimes comes and goes for a person so some might not have been updated recently – but still have lots of great content and experiences worth reading.

Have a great site we haven’t listed here? Comment below!

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