The how-tos weren’t included in the parenting manual that came with your kids. Here is that missing part of your parenting manual. The posts in this archive contain tips and how-tos on everything involved in long distance parenting from the practical to the emotional.


Long Distance Parent Tool Kit

Parenting is a skill-set and long distance parenting adds a layer of complexity. Having the right long distance parenting tools on hand makes it easier and less stressful. This long distance parent tool kit will get you started with a list of things every new long distance parent should have at the ready. We cover getting through the initial adjustment, and how to create your long distance parenting plan in other posts. Here, we will talk about the more practical day to day long distance parenting tools like schedules, supplies. Build a Habit of Staying In Touch In the pressure …

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Ideas for Long Distance Parents to do for and with Your Kids

A common question that long distance parents have is  ‘how can I stay close to my child, when I’m long distance?’. Of course, there are a ton of ways to stay close to your kids; there are even books on ideas for long distance parents! Part of your long distance parenting lifestyle will be to plan ahead of time for these ideas. Here is a list of a few things a long distance parent can do that can help you and your kids feel close together, even if you are far away. Ideas for Things To Do With Your Kids, …

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Triage for New Long Distance Parents

For the first time ever, you are a parent without your child. For the first time, you feel a million miles way from them, even if you are really only a city, a state or a country away. Best case, you have a great relationship with your co-parent and you’ll talk to your child soon but worst case, you don’t and you might not get to talk to them any time soon. Whichever your situation, or wherever you fall in between, the first few days are the hardest. Here is how to get through it more easily. Practice Excellent Self …

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Collaborating With Older Kids Long Distance

Maybe this is the hot ticket with older kids. The way to show support from a distance. To pitch in and help them with stuff that they want or need to do but could use some help doing it better or bigger or cooler. There are tons of those opportunities in upper middle school projects and definitely in high school and technology gives us a way to collaborate in a way we’ve never had before. Or maybe it’s just one more tool to add to the toolkit of a long distance parent.

4 Tips for Long Distance Parenting

Parenting is challenging for anyone and that challenge is compounded when long distance parenting is part of the family dynamic. This adds an extra element of complexity that the family unit must make amends for and thus overcome. It is possible to have a healthy relationship with a child even if you must be far away. A few things to keep in mind and utilize will help make long distance parenting just as rewarding, enriching and loving as if you had the ability to physically be present all the time. 1. Consistency is Key One of the issues facing children …

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