The legalities of a long distance parent arrangement are sometimes a very big piece of the picture. Most, if not all, long distance parenting arrangements involve a court order. Child support, visitation and custody will all rely upon your court order. Most long distance parents have been to court at least once but very often, repeatedly.

Although not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney, sometimes just getting headed in the right direction is what you need. These posts describe the relevant legalities in a long distance parenting case. For example, jurisdiction, which doesn’t often come up in a typical custody case could have a big impact on a long distance parenting case. Or, when you get ready to create your long distance parenting plan, you will do things slightly differently than a typical parenting plan. Or maybe you just need a better understanding of what it will look like to attend court long distance.

These posts touch on everything of legal specifics to more practical organizational techniques around your legal case.

Location and Your Court Case

As a long distance parent, you live in one place and your child lives in another. It's possible that there is even a third location involved if your child has relocated since the custody case was decided. Here are some details on the intricacies related to location involved in a long distance custody court case.

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