The legalities of a long distance parent arrangement are sometimes a very big piece. Laws and court orders are the framework upon which everything else relies.  However, as complicated as it may seem, there are many resources available to help simplify it.

This post archive includes posts related to the legalities of long distance parenting. This includes information on building your long distance parenting plan, case law and strategy and more practical organizational techniques around your legal case.

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Location and Your Court Case

As a long distance parent, you live in one place and your child lives in another. It’s possible that there is even a third location involved if your child has relocated since the custody case was decided. Here are some details on the intricacies related to location involved in a long distance custody court case.

Case Law and Strategy

Case law is essentially the legal precedent that has already been set in a particular jurisdiction. If you are looking for an attorney for your case, they should be familiar with long distance child custody case law. While long distance parenting wasn’t as common 15 years ago, it’s relatively common now and most courts have laws on the books and some history of case law. LONG-DISTANCE PARENTING PLANS:NUTS, BOLTS & CAVEATS – Oregon State Bar Family Law Section Annual Conference, October 2013. This is a great read for those interested in Oregon case law, or just how attorneys and courts …

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Arizona gets a new Moveaway Law

Arizona Republican Senator, Nancy Barto has written a bill (SB1072) for Arizona which will make it necessary for the custodial parent to inform the non-custodial parent in writing 60 days before moving to a distance that would impair visitation.

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How to Manage Your Court Case

It’s one thing to craft a successful court strategy – but it’s an entirely different ballgame to put it into action. Once the court dates start, it’s a most daunting task to keep up with everything that happens and maintain sanity. Here are some tips for bringing your strategy home. Court Dates and Paperwork Filing Meet your Deadlines. No matter what. Even if the dog ate your homework. When you are a long distance parent, you probably aren’t in the state in which the court case is happening. It is often possible to manage your end of the case without …

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Travel Cost and Child Support

In the beginning of my long distance parenting arrangement, my son’s father and I agreed to split air fare in half with his half not to exceed a certain amount. This went into our long distance parenting plan. However, if that’s not possible, in California, travel cost associated with the children becomes a credit in the child support calculation. In our case, since we split the travel, it’s a wash but if you can’t split the cost of travel, check with your state on how that can factor into child support.