Long distance parenting adds complexity to child custody cases, with few legal resources to lean on.   There are laws that only a long distance parenting case is likely to encounter. There are also special considerations in the parenting plan. In addition to typical in person visitation, a long distance parenting case will involve internet visitation or virtual visitation, as well as travel arrangements – who is traveling where and who is paying for what.

Long Distance Parenting Laws

In the US, Federal laws are kind of the foundation to start with, as Federal law shape the laws in specific states and localities.   Believe it or not, there are laws at the national level that affect long distance parents!   In addition to federal law, there are some laws that are specific to US States and counties.    The state and Federal law resource guides will give you a great place to start.

Long Distance Parenting Plans

Beyond the laws that are involved, the parents must then come to an agreement on how to parent the child.   Whether your case involves a divorce or not, it is very important to make sure your agreement on how to parent your child is legally binding. Here is a guide to creating your long distance parenting plan.   If you find an example more helpful than reading about how to do it, here are some Sample Long Distance Parenting Plans.

Case Strategy for Long Distance Parents

Specific to your case, you will have intricacies related to the individuals involved.  Here are some Links, books and information on how to build your case as well as some general tips and how tos related to the legalities of long distance parenting.

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