Case Law and Strategy

Case law is essentially the legal precedent that has already been set in a particular jurisdiction. If you are looking for an attorney for your case, they should be familiar with long distance child custody case law. While long distance parenting wasn’t as common 15 years ago, it’s relatively common now and most courts have laws on the books and some history of case law.

LONG-DISTANCE PARENTING PLANS:NUTS, BOLTS & CAVEATS – Oregon State Bar Family Law Section Annual Conference, October 2013. This is a great read for those interested in Oregon case law, or just how attorneys and courts think about long distance parenting, in general.

Case Law on Relocation of the Custodial Parent is a great collection on the right of a custodial parent to relocate (or not) and sums the article up by saying :

Few types of domestic relations cases present such difficult issues. In the vast majority of relocation cases, the motives of the parent seeking to relocate are sincere and the proffered reasons are legitimate. The desire of the other parent for continued regular contact with the child is equally valid. In the face of such strongly competing parental interests, a determination of where the child’s best interests lie is often a formidable task. Whatever the court decides, the child will inevitably suffer some loss. The goal of the courts and parties alike should be to make that loss as minimal as possible.

Books on Custody Case Law and Strategy

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