When your kids were born, you didn’t get a list of how-tos in your parenting manual. Then you became a long distance parent and had to figure it all out again. How do you stay in touch with your co-parent? How do you stay connected with your child from a distance? What about staying involved in their schooling? How do you handle being apart from your kids emotionally?

Becoming a long distance parent means learning a new skill set that isn’t covered in typical parenting websites.

These posts are some of the sections that are missing from your parenting manual. The posts in this section contain advice and how-tos for long distance parents on everything both practical and emotional.

The High Cost of Travel

Long distance parenting can be expensive!  Here are a few things I have done in my continuous quest to find affordable airfare and to make the traveling experience as pleasant…

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Photo Box

When my son and I parted for the first time, I had fully intended that he would be going with me. So in the interest of keeping him connected with…

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