The how-tos weren’t included in the parenting manual that came with your kids. Here is that missing part of your parenting manual. The posts in this archive contain tips and how-tos on everything involved in long distance parenting from the practical to the emotional.

Photo Box

When my son and I parted for the first time, I had fully intended that he would be going with me.. so in that interest, I created a photo box for him.

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Staying in Touch by Cell Phone

My cell phone has been an indispensable part of staying in touch with my son - or allowing him to stay in touch with his dad while he's with me. With a two hour time zone difference between parents, being able to reach the other party at the right time is important. Sometimes that means while you are on the road or in a place where you otherwise wouldn't have a phone. Being able to be reached any time by your child who is two hours ahead is priceless.

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Use Photos

Photos can be great way to keep up with each other if you know how to use them. Here are some ways I use photos : Every Now and then,…

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