School is Upon Us! Surviving School as a Long Distance Parent

So you’re in one place, your child is in another and they are getting ready to go back to school. As a long distance parent, if you want to keep up with your child, how they are doing and what they are doing, school is a big part of that. Your child spends a good portion of their life in school so the school has a lot of information about how your child is doing. If you haven’t already :

Get Organized for the Year

At the beginning of the school year, here are the necessities to have :

  • School address and phone number
  • Teacher(s’) name(s)
  • Teacher(s’) contact information
  • Class schedule
  • School calendar
  • School handbook – gain understanding on grading periods, testing etc
  • Principal, Vice Principal and School Counselor’s names and contact information

Keep a binder, folder or letter tray for your child’s school information, progress reports etc, that come in paper form, for that year. At the end of the year, close it up, stash it and start a new one. In email, create a tag, label or folder and filter and store all relevant school correspondence in that bucket.

Add your child’s vacation dates to your calendar, and add any relevant planning dates to your calendar as well. So, for example, if you need to have their plane tickets purchased a month before their summer vacation, add those reminders now, while their school calendar is on your mind, so that it doesn’t fall off of your radar.

Add your child’s grading periods to your own calendar so that you know when to check in with teachers or the school on report cards or progress reports.

Once YOU are all set, what happens in school is an opportunity to connect with your child about their first day and all the cool (and sometimes difficult) things happening in school!

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10 years ago

The letter for the school is definitely a good thing. It’s easy for the school to misinterpret your relationship with your child, especially if you are in a parental alienation situation. P.S. So glad I can post comments again – not sure what happened but it’s working now! 🙂