Co-Parent Communication

Communicating with a co-parent can be challenging in even the best of circumstances. Further complicating this are circumstances such as co-parents who dislike one another, communication style differences, or co-parents…

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Long Distance Parenting Tool Kit

Parenting is a skill-set and long distance parenting adds a layer of complexity. Long distance parenting is easier and less stressful with the right long distance parenting tools on hand.…

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Make your Child a Letter Writing Kit

The end result is a binder that your child can pull out any time they want to write a letter to you - and have everything they need. This makes them have less need to rely upon the custodial parents to allow letter writing and gives them something fun to do from you.

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Stationary Station

Nothing makes a task more difficult than having to go searching for the things you need to complete it. So if you plan to write to your child regularly, it makes sense to make sure you know where everything is that you need to get something into the mail.

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