Summer Vacation Time

And it was then that I realized that he and she have adapted to this whole distance family thing. They are cool with it and they are adept at keeping those relationships alive. I taught them that. What a proud moment in distance parenting.

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One for the Scrapbook

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran this story on virtual visitation on their front page today. I did an interview for the story with reporter, Stacy Forster. My quote wound up bolded along side the front page story. I carefully printed the clippings Michael Gough sent me along with the internet version, stapled it together and I plan on stashing it away to show my son.

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Internet Visitation FAQ

Internet or virtual visitation is when a parent and child are able to see each other via webcams over the internet. This gives them the opportunity to see each other face to face in addition to talking on the phone and in-person visitation.

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The Firsts

He gasped with excitement and ran to sharpen one right away, even though he needed to get in bed soon. He carried the phone with him the whole way, talking about how neat the pencil was and what he was going to write with it.

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