It is entirely possible to do long distance parenting without any online tools. However, often, these tools can serve to bridge communication gaps in difficult co-parenting relationships or better organize the huge amounts of information parents sometimes need to share between them about their kids.

Our Family Wizard

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Our Family Wizard is one of the more commonly discussed tools in long distance parenting communities. It includes an expense log to track shared expenses, a message board for more effective communication between co-parents, a journal or audit log of what happened when, a shared calendar, a place to keep important joint information about the kids and a mobile app.

Free Online Tools

Using Free Online Tools For Managing Shared Custody – this post explores using Google Docs to track expenditures, Evernote to track just about everything and Paypal for child support and other money sending needs

How to use Three More Free Tools for Shared Custody – this post explores using google calendar for a custody calendar, google hangout for virtual visitation and MSN Family Safety

Skype – A voice chat service that offers great quality for free with optional additional paid services


Other Online Tools

Info 4 Parents – An online accessible organizational tool for parents including visitation scheduling, child info and more
Bring Face
Family Click

Parenting Together
Parenting Time
Custody Exchange
Share Kids

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