Reading about the personal experience of other long distance parents can provide an immediate sense of support. You are not alone!  There are many, long distance parents going through some of the same things you and your kids are experiencing.  That single realization was maybe the most important realization for myself, and for many other long distance parents. 

The posts in this archive all describe the experiences of long distance parents. The comment threads are also often active with other long distance parents sharing their own experiences.

A New Tradition

I wanted todo something extra special for her on that day. I arranged to have balloons delivered to her school. I did not tell her in advance about the surprise. This was such a big hit with her that Ive already decided to make it a birthday tradition

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Summer Vacation Time

And it was then that I realized that he and she have adapted to this whole distance family thing. They are cool with it and they are adept at keeping those relationships alive. I taught them that. What a proud moment in distance parenting.

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The Firsts

He gasped with excitement and ran to sharpen one right away, even though he needed to get in bed soon. He carried the phone with him the whole way, talking about how neat the pencil was and what he was going to write with it.

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