Long Distance Parenting

Covid-19 and Long Distance Parenting Visitation

Remember the good ole days of eating at restaurants, indoors? Of leisurely walking the isles of a grocery store to browse, accidentally bumping into someone, smiling and saying hello? Yeah, that was fun. A year ago Covid-19 was but a glimmer in our eye. Another gift of 2020. Now we are a year in, and […]


The Complete Guide to Planning for Long Distance Parents

With a new year often comes new years resolutions that will be history in a few months. What won’t be history in a few months is the grind of real life and the need to juggle long distance parenting concerns as well. The new year is an opportune time for planning for long distance parents. […]


Visitation for Long Distance Parents

One of the most common questions long distance parents ask is what visitation for long distance parents is ‘normal’. How much visitation a long distance parent gets, when it happens and how it happens. Long distance visitation is more intricate than standard visitation. In person visitation is typically longer, with more space in between. video […]

How-Tos Legalities

How to Create a Legally Binding Long Distance Parenting Plan

A long distance parenting plan is an arrangement for how you will co-parent a child when one parent is not within close physical proximity. It is one part of a court order.

Long Distance Parenting Personal Experience

The Effects of Long Distance Parenting on Children

What the effects of long distance parenting on a child might be. Links to scientific evidence, and anecdotal evidence from long distance parents.

Personal Experience

Christmas Countdown

This is my first holiday season as a long distance father. Last year I lived in the same town as my daughter, then age 3, and I saw her every other weekend and one night during the week (sometimes over night). I was living in a small two bedroom apartment just minutes from her. During […]