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The Ingredients of A Long Distance Parenting Plan

There are many parts to creating a long distance parenting plan.  When When you get to the meat an potatoes of what to include in the parenting plan it can be tough to make sure you have it all down.  This post covers some things to remember in your long distance divorce and custody agreement. […]


Virtual Visitation FAQ and How-To

Internet or virtual visitation is when a parent and child are able to see each other via webcams over the internet. This gives them the opportunity to see each other face to face in addition to talking on the phone and in-person visitation.

Personal Experience

The Firsts

He gasped with excitement and ran to sharpen one right away, even though he needed to get in bed soon. He carried the phone with him the whole way, talking about how neat the pencil was and what he was going to write with it.