Long Distance Parenting

How Having a Distance Parent Affects a Child

I stopped doing my happy dance just to write this post. Finally, at long last, I found it! There is some real scientific evidence on how having a long distance parent affects a child. And it’s good news! In 2011, I posted about the effects of long distance parenting on children. I offered anecdotal evidence […]

Long Distance Parenting Personal Experience

The Effects of Long Distance Parenting on Children

What the effects of long distance parenting on a child might be. Links to scientific evidence, and anecdotal evidence from long distance parents.

How-Tos Legalities

The Ingredients of A Long Distance Parenting Plan

There are many parts to creating a long distance parenting plan.  When When you get to the meat an potatoes of what to include in the parenting plan it can be tough to make sure you have it all down.  Here are some things to remember in your long distance divorce and custody agreement. Make […]