5 Ways to Smooth out your Co-Parent Relationship

How to smooth out a co-parenting relationship with boundaries, empathy, compassion, nonviolent communication and leading by example.

How-Tos Legalities

Location and Your Court Case

As a long distance parent, you live in one place and your child lives in another. It’s possible that there is even a third location involved if your child has relocated since the custody case was decided. Here are some details on the intricacies related to location involved in a long distance custody court case.


When The Custodial Parent Blocks Communication with the Kids

What to do when the custodial parent blocks communication with the kids is a common question from long distance parents. “My ex continues to make excuses as to why she does not answer her phone, which is my only contact with my kids. She is in one state and I am in another. My question […]

Personal Experience

Custodial Parents : Support The Long Distance Parent For the Good of The Kids

As the custodial parent, sometimes it’s tempting to feel like punitive consequences should be delivered to the long distance parent for a thing they did or didn’t do.  However, this is rarely in the best interest of the kids, in my experience.  Long distance parenting, just like regular parenting is a two person job, that […]

Long Distance Parenting

La Musga and SB 730

Tomorrow, SB 730 will be heard by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. It is a labor bill amended to include move away rights/restrictions prompted by the LaMusga case. One of my biggest irritations with this case is the fact that so many have saddled it with other causes. First and foremost, is the stereotypical custodial mother […]