Most important Piece of Advice for New Long Distance Parents

There is one piece of advice for new long distance parents that I consider to be the most important. Get a court order before you move and make your parenting plan EXACTLY what you want. Even if your relationship with your co-parent is great and you can both envision the healthiest co-parenting arrangement. Hope for […]

Personal Experience

Custodial Parents : Support The Long Distance Parent For the Good of The Kids

As the custodial parent, sometimes it’s tempting to feel like punitive consequences should be delivered to the long distance parent for a thing they did or didn’t do.  However, this is rarely in the best interest of the kids, in my experience.  Long distance parenting, just like regular parenting is a two person job, that […]

How-Tos Legalities

The Ingredients of A Long Distance Parenting Plan

There are many parts to creating a long distance parenting plan.  When When you get to the meat an potatoes of what to include in the parenting plan it can be tough to make sure you have it all down.  This post covers some things to remember in your long distance divorce and custody agreement. […]