Nice to know I’m not alone!

I am a long distance mama,whose kids live with their dad 5 hours away. I had to move back to my home state with my husband to get a job and a place to live. I was unable to survive in the state that my kids are in.

I struggled for 3 years, battled homelessness and joblessness to be near them,walked miles to my job in the winter..just a bleak time in my life. I am living in a beautiful home, have a good job and a loving husband. My life would be near perfect if my kids were with me,but I chose to have them live with their dad for stability reasons. He is more financially capable of caring for them.

Finding this site is a tremendous help to me! I finally don’t feel alone in this situation. I struggle with depression and anxiety constantly. I talk to them every night on the phone, stay in constant contact with their teachers,attend parent teacher conferences,etc and have them every other weekend. It is hard but I have hope for the future that things will change and they will be with me. It keeps me going.

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I love my babies!
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Laura Richardson
3 years ago

Hi ,I know your post is from a while ago but I had to answer I was in tears as I read it I was reading my life from 8 yrs ago ,I when thru both of those issues bit I refused to leave my girls. I have two teenage daughters who live in Fla with there dad. We have shared parental responsibility as Florida puts it he refuses to let me see or talk to them he got remarried and his wife thinks she is in control and she tells me that I am not allowed to see or… Read more »