One for the Scrapbook

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran this story on virtual visitation on their front page today. I did an interview for the story with reporter, Stacy Forster. My quote wound up bolded along side the front page story. I carefully printed the clippings Michael Gough sent me along with the internet version, stapled it together and I plan on stashing it away to show my son.

Although the story was on virtual visitation, I found that Stacy asked me the more emotional-based questions that people tend to be curious about. How do you like it? What does your son think about it? How does his father use it? I’m ok with that. That’s what moms are… we are the nurturers, the emotional creatures in our children’s lives. I don’t mind answering the techy questions, but there are so few of us moms to speak up on behalf of long distance parenting relationships that I enjoy answering the questions I’m best at.

I have the unique perspective of, having been a long distance parent, now being the primary care giver and being on the ‘other side’ of a long distance parenting relationship. I went from the role of asking for visitation to the one encouraging my son to get in as much internet visitation with his dad as he feels the need for. Although my situation has changed and my son lives with me for now, I am still a very strong advocate of long distance parenting relationships. If I weren’t, it wouldn’t be fair to my son’s relationship to his father.

Virtual visitation is wonderful when used as a tool along side strong long distance parenting skills. I do really firmly believe that it kept my relationship with my son strong and secure. Virtual visitation gives us a tool to be better at being long distance parents. None of us are experts at long distance parenting – we just take it as it comes and learn as quickly as possible. But really, how different is that from any other first time parent?

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