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Long Distance Parenting on the Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Long distance parenting and (and me) is in a podcast!

Karen McMahon of Journey Beyond Divorce reached out to me some time last year about the possibility of doing a podcast episode with her on long distance parenting. So I, of course, immediately went to read and listen to everything available on her site.

The Journey Beyond Divorce podcast is a wealth of information on divorce, parenting and everything related. It’s such a great resource for parents and people who have been divorced. I was immediately excited to have long distance parenting represented in the mix.

I put some notes together and asked the group what they would want others to know and then it simmered for a while. And then a while more. And then we recorded. And it’s been out for a month – and I almost missed it!

The podcast episode really turned out great. It’s just under an hour long and there is only so much we can talk about in an hour. But the conversation does a good job of representing what long distance parenting is. I’m super excited to have it out in the world.

It’s a little bit of delving into my own history and story of long distance parenting. But we also touched on so many of the intricacies of long distance parenting. It’s a great intro to long distance parents for those who are unfamiliar. It’s also a fantastic touch point for new long distance parents, or those who’ve been at it a while and didn’t know there were others.

The episode is currently listed in the episode list on Journey Beyond Divorce website about halfway down the page. Or the episode is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, Pocket Casts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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