Virtual Visitation Legislation


I have recently given out this information to several long distance parents and it’s helpful stuff. Did you know that Utah and Wisconsin have laws on the books that require a judge to consider virtual visitation as part of a long distance parenting arrangement? Of course, this wouldn’t be used to substitute for in-person parenting time which is another thing that the laws help with.

There are bills in several other states including Illinois, Virginia, Missouri and Ohio and there is pre-bill activity in several other states.

You can find a complete list of all of the states here as well as sample letters that you can use to write to senators and state representatives in your state to support these bills.

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Charlotte Karlan
11 years ago

I am a family law attorney practicing in South Florida. I was on the committee that drafted legislation to allow “electronic communication” (virtual visitation). It’s a powerful way to be more real in your child’s life, not just a voice but a visual connection. If anyone wants a copy of the statute, feel free to contact me at