Arizona gets a new Moveaway Law

Arizona gets a new Moveaway Law


Arizona Republican Senator, Nancy Barto has written a bill (SB1072) for Arizona which will make it necessary for the custodial parent to inform the non-custodial parent in writing 60 days before moving to a distance that would impair visitation. This replaces a law that set that distance to 100 miles, essentially taking the distance off of the law. If the custodial parent notifies the non custodial parent and the non custodial parent isn’t ok with the move, the custodial parent would then need to get a judge to say it’s ok if they still want to move.

Nancy’s website says : “When divorced parents share parenting time current law inadequately protects parents when one of them decides to pick up and move without considering how it might affect the child’s circumstances or the other parent’s parenting time. SB 1072 will make the system fairer for all parties, especially the child.”

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