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Photos can be great way to keep up with each other if you know how to use them. Here are some ways I use photos :

  • Every Now and then, I snap a picture of myself or the house and drop it in an email to him so that he has something to trigger a good memory. Its like getting card only more personal! 🙂
  • I have his pictures plastered all over my monitor at work, around my monitor at home, in my wallet and on the walls at home. It’s such a tingle to see his beautiful smiling face.
  • He has a box that he decorated when he was really young and he keeps all of his pictures in it. That way, any time he needs to be reminded of me or his dad, he only needs to open that box and see smiling, familiar faces of people who love him.
  • These days, you can snap a photo with your cell phone and either send it to an online photo blog service that you maintain just for the kiddo – or just send it to the other parent’s cell phone or your child’s email address directly.

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