Staying in Touch by Cell Phone

My cell phone has been an indispensable part of staying in touch with my son – or allowing him to stay in touch with his dad while he’s with me. With a two hour time zone difference between parents, being able to reach the other party at the right time is important. Sometimes that means while you are on the road or in a place where you otherwise wouldn’t have a phone. Being able to be reached any time by your child who is two hours ahead is priceless.

I have a droid. ‘Droid does’ just about covers it! Anything you could want, there is an app for. It’s nice for me to be able to keep my schedule and task list with me along with my phone. When you are a busy parent and your child doesn’t live with you, having something with an alert on it makes it easy to set alarms to remember to call – or alerts for important events. It’s even nicer to be able to snap a picture and send it to my son’s email – or to snap a picture of him doing something silly to send to his dad. It sure beats lugging around a phone, a pda AND a digital camera everywhere. I can even record his voice and short video clips.

I personally use Verizon. I know, I know. Cell phone carriers. Blah. They are all the same, right? Wrong. I’ve used several of the major carriers over the years. Verizon, hands down, has the best deals and the greatest customer service.

Here are some nice features to look for that might help out with your long distance parenting situation :

  • video chat
  • free long distance
  • free mobile to mobile (if you’re on the same network as the other parent)
  • apps with schedules and reminders
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