Make your Child a Letter Writing Kit

A great way to help get your child engage in the process of maintaining a long distance relationship is to make them a letter writing kit.

You will need :
a 3″ three ring binder
several pencil pouches (you can usually find them at the dollar store – or get them on sale when school starts)
several 3 ring folders
a pack of lined paper
fun pencils, pens and markers
fun stationary
address labels with your address on them
address labels with your child’s address on them

You can get most of the materials at the dollar store. Buying them when school supplies goes on sale is another way to cut cost. Put the folders, pencil pouches and lined paper into the binder. Use the pencil pouches to store small items like stickers and markers and use the folders to store stationary and envelopes.

Optionally, you can pre-label the envelopes with address labels and stamps, or you could decorate the binder and/or it’s contents with pictures of you and your child or with their favorite comic book hero or character.

The end result is a binder that your child can pull out any time they want to write a letter to you – and have everything they need. This makes them have less need to rely upon the custodial parents to allow letter writing and gives them something fun to do from you.

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11 years ago

I really think this idea is great. My children live in Florida and their dad doesn’t encourage them to write to me,
so I agree with what you wrote at the end…this “gives them something fun to do from you”.
I will try this and hope that it will create a fun and creative way to stay connected.
Thank you!