Back to School Tips for Long Distance Parents

It’s that time again! Kids and parents alike can have mixed emotions about a new school year. For a long distance parent, back to school means a whole lot of wrangling that other parents might not need to do, like writing the letter to the school, organizing yourself for the school year and proactively advocating to remain involved.

With your stuff buttoned up though, the other big piece is staying in touch with your child about what’s going on. Here are some tips for staying in tune with your kids s they go back to school.

  • Send your child a back to school care package with cool pencils, folder, notebooks or even back to school clothes.
  • Call your child on the morning of his/her first day of school before school to wish them luck and/or after school to check on how their day went.
  • Talk to your child when you get information from the school that warrants a discussion… don’t expect the custodial parent to do it.
  • Subscribe to the school calendar or add school events to your own calendar. When your calendar reminds you that a school event is coming up, ask your child about it.
  • As their vacations come up, in which they will get to come see you in person, include them in planning those trips.
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11 years ago

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