Activities for Virtual Visitation

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So you’ve got your webcam set up and you are both seeing each other. Now what? Here are some activities that work well for internet visitation.

  1. Read a book. Before my son could read, I would read to him. Eventually, he started reading to ME. When I read to him, I would hold the book up so that he could see the pictures while I read. When he read to me, if he came across a word he didn’t know, he could spell it for me or type it out and I could help him with it. This morning, I got a link from a site visitor to the International Children’s Digital Library
  2. Play a game! MSN Messenger comes with a pretty decent selection of free games that you can play with your chat partner. There are some easy ones like tic tac toe, some classics like UNO and some harder ones like checkers and chess. They are built for online partner play and they are easy to figure out. They don’t require any installation other than the initial MSN messenger install.
  3. Share pictures. Most messenger or chat programs come with file transfer ability. Take pictures of the things that are important in your world (the cats, your home, your work) and transfer them to the kiddo and share about them so that s/he can get to know your world outside the computer screen.

What are some things that you do with your kids while you are using internet visitation?

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