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As it happens, when this website began and grew, it was from the perspective of an American. But we know there are many long distance parents in other countries and we’d like to offer resources to them too!

If you are a long distance parent in a country other than the US and would like to help other long distance parents, I have a pretty easy ask. Write up a brief list of the most helpful laws, links and information. Use these instructions to create an account and contact me. Drop your list/write up into the contact form. I will reply by email. I may also reach out later if/when I have questions related to your nation of expertise you could help with.

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  1. Katherine

    I need help, and so does my boyfriend. He and his ex wife have joint custody of their 5 year old. They both live in Los Angeles and have really good paying jobs. Neither of them are “deadbeat” parents. While she was in preschool they cared for her exactly 50/50. The Mom choose a kindergarten next to her house, which caused the custody to go to every other weekend for my boyfriend.
    His ex wife wants to quit her job to be a stay at home Mom and start a business. She claims she can’t afford it in LA and is burnt out on her job and is quitting ($160k/yr gov. job) and owns a condo in LA. She’s following her boyfriend who just took a job in Colorado. Apparently her bf is willing to support her and the 5 year old. She claims she’ll fly so their daughter can visit her Dad for the weekend every month (that sounds exhausting for everyone) and skype him everyday. She also claims their daughter has separation anxiety (not a professional opinion) but then is wiling to take here away from her father who has been in her life consistently since she was born.
    OH, and the Mom and her bf are leaving in a couple weeks for a road trip to Colorado before he starts his job on Feb. 12th. And all of this was told to my boyfriend a week ago. So now it’s all on my bf’s shoulders to decide whether he’ll allow it.
    My heart breaks for my boyfriend. He doesn’t want a messy court case. We don’t know what to do. If he lets his daughter go will that have a detrimental effect of her and their relationship?

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