The forums on the site is for supportive conversation and community among long distance parents. A long distance parent is anyone who lives at a distance from their child, for whatever reason. Supportive conversation and community is mutually respectful and constructive.

Forum posts can only be viewed by other site members – however, at this time, anyone can become a member. Please peruse the member list. If you are a ld parent and your co-parent joins and you are not able to share and enjoy the community freely with them here, contact us.

We are a very diverse group! Yay! To that end, content should remain neutral so as to remain a safe place to discuss the one thing we have in common. Please refrain from posting material promoting a particular religion, race, sexual orientation, gender (outside of dads and moms) or anything demoralizing to nc or ld parents.

Admins watch the group for spam. You are welcome to post images, videos and websites that you find inspirational or valuable. However, if you are posting something that does not have obvious applicability, or if it’s the product of a professional promoting their services, please include context with the post that makes it applicable to the group – otherwise, it will most likely be mistaken for spam by a well-meaning admin.

No advice given on this group should be construed as legal or medical advice – even if given by someone who is an attorney or doctor, professionally. Advice on the group is strictly personal advice, even when related to legal or medical matters.

For the protection of group members :
* No solicitation of services or products.
* Just as with any other e-space, be cautious of initiating personal contact or giving out personal details to other group members. We are all still technically internet strangers, although largely kind ones. πŸ™‚
* If you are a researcher or other professional, you do not have permission to use the personal information or stories you see here without the direct written permission of the person who posted the information or message.

If you have a problem with a member, a post, with the group or need help with anything group related, you can PM an admin or contact the site.