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This site grew out of a need to find long distance parenting community, and ultimately, that’s what it’s here for. One of the hardest parts of long distance parenting can be coping. 

It can feel very isolated because there is such social stigma around parents who are away from their children. It can be hard to talk about to just anyone. 

Although it can seem like you are alone in your endeavor, there are many other people dealing with some of the same things you are. That sense of community, and association with other long distance parents, can be the saving grace in a tough situation. Building your community support network is a key step in building a long distance parenting tool set.

Community and Support Here on the Site

Reading through some of the personal experiences that other long distance parents have shared can make you feel instantly less alone. Other than the original posts themselves, many posts have active comment threads back and forth between long distance parents. Here are the most recent comments on the site.

The Facebook Group

Distance Parent

Long Distance Parent Facebook Group – This is a very active, positive, moderated group open to any long distance parent. Discussions range from personal stories to advice.

It’s a private group – so your Facebook friends will not see that you have joined or see what you post. New members are announced, so you will know if anyone you know joins.

The Long Distance Parent Facebook Page – This page will have reposts whenever there is new content here on the site and sometimes gets comments from other long distance parents. It’s a good start if you just want to follow along and see what’s out there.

Other Blogs and Interactive Websites

Have a great site we haven’t listed here? Comment below!

2 replies on “Long Distance Parenting Community”

So glad I found this site. I am not self centered. I know that, but the judgement from others is unbelievable. I feel very alone.

I feel you Amanda. Even though I am a month out from relocating, and will miss my daughters immensely. I feel that in this season in life, I need to move from the state my ex-wife is in, and be close to family for support. Although I have received massive support from family and close friends, I have also run into judgment for the decision to move from acquaintances and others.

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