I have a horrible memory. When it isnt something that I do on a daily basis, I forget about it. And between two jobs and every day stuff that has to be done, sometimes it’s hard to remember when to call – or not to lose track of time. Here are some tips that help me remember.

Internet Visitation FAQ

Internet or virtual visitation is when a parent and child are able to see each other via webcams over the internet. This gives them the opportunity to see each other face to face in addition to talking on the phone and in-person visitation.

Moms Over Miles and Dads at a Distance – Books for Long Distance Parenting

I recently had the opportunity to read Moms over Miles and Dads at a Distance – both are magazine-length handbooks full of activities for long distance parents to do with/for their kids to strengthen their relationships with their kids. Being a distance parent, I’ve struggled with finding ways to make sure that my son always knows his mom is thinking of him and loves him… to remain a constant part of his life. But still, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of a book that would simply list ideas. Anyone can think of ideas right? We even …

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The Firsts

He gasped with excitement and ran to sharpen one right away, even though he needed to get in bed soon. He carried the phone with him the whole way, talking about how neat the pencil was and what he was going to write with it.